Veliko Gradište

Veliko Gradište is a town located in the area where Romans had build the fortressPincumin I century BC. It got the name from the river Pincus (Pek), and Pincum soon became a huge trade centre as well as an important river port. It reached its golden age under the rule of king Hadrian (II century BC). Pincum was autonomous and had the right to coin its own money. When the Turks arrived to this area, the city started to lose its significance. At the beginning of the 18 century, the city had the name of Ipek in Turkish books. It had 100 Turkish and 70 Serbian houses. The city started to develop again after the Turks were expelled from these areas. During the period of Miloš Obrenović, it had an important trading role.

Together with Rama, it had become a large port where cattle were exported in other parts of Europe. In time, it became one of the strongest towns in the area.By the 19. Century, the town had a high school, a hospital, a library and a pharmacy, and cultural influences came from Vienna and Budapest.The old town centre was preserved from that period, which has rich ornaments and the richness proves the economic power and the stylish tastes of the owners and builders at the time. The old town („Čaršija“), has been declared as a cultural monument.