Nimnik Monastery

This monastery near the Silver lake attracts numerous tourists, with two chapels and a small building that has always been called a „shine“. It is believed that has strange powers and that can restore sight and cure other illnesses

Today, the church of the Nimnik monastery is build with regular stones, and some parts are from the Roman settlement Viminacium, and we can see that by the engraved fragments in the marble pillars, which represent a female head with thick hair.

The origin of the name is not clear, since there are no written records on the time the monastery was built and who built it. According to the architecture and the size, it is supposed that is built in the Middle Ages, in the last decades of the independent Serbian country, by a nobleman. It is also connected with Prince Lazar.

You can reach the monastery from the town of Požarevac, going along the road to Veliko Gradište.