The confluence of the Pek river

The Pek river springs near the Black Peak, and it flows into the Danube near Veliko Gradišteand it is among the biggest rivers of south-eastern Serbia. It is also known as the Golden Pek, and with a reason, since it has small pieces of gold.

This area was famous for gold. Intensive diggings started when the Romans came to this area, especially during the reign of the king Hadrian, and in the Middle Ages, the Serbian kings continued. Only few people today know the traditional ways of searching for gold. In order to preserve this craft, every year at the shores of Pek, people demonstrate this skill during the celebration called “Motives of Homolje Mountains“. They show how to wash the sand with gold with a simple wooden dish called„ispitak“. This activity could be an unforgettable adventure and a challenge.

Besides the gold, the river is rich in fish. Among other kinds, there are sneep and chub.