Tuman Monastery

Tuman Monastery is only 10 km away from Golubac and surrounded by beautiful area of wild beauty. Built in the 14.century, right before the Battle in Kosovo, and it is dedicated to the Saint Gavrilo. It is the foundation of Miloš Obilić and built in a Serbian-Byzantine style.

There are two versions regarding the origin of the name and both regard Miloš Obilić and the expression“tumani” (leave it). One version says that king Lazar said to Miloš to stop the construction of the monastery, and the other says that the wounded an ascetic and he, seeing that the death is near, told him to leave him there to die.

During the I and the II WW, the monastery was burned and ruined to the grounds and then rebuild in 1924. During the works in 1936. The bones of the Saint Zosima Sinait were found, who were after five centuries preserved their firmness and weight. They are placed in a small shrine and exposed in a church near the altar, where they are even today.