The town of Golubac or justGolubac is a medieval fortress, a cultural monument of enormous significance. It is located at the Danube’s right bank near the entrance to the Đerdap George, only 20 km from the Silver lake.

The fortress was built in 1335 and has nine towers which stand one above the other, in very good shape, which madeGolubac one of the most picturesque towns on the Danube. With the strong city walls, it has become an important establishments on the Danube and it often changed its rulers. It was ruled by the Serbs, Hungarians, Bulgarians and Turks.

The city is a part of many legends, according to one of them, in the main „Hat“ tower which dominates the city, a Byzantine princess Jelena was imprisoned. In order to soothe its loneliness and sorrow, the princess was feeding pigeons, and that is how the city got its name (Golub-Pigeon). Tourists who pass this way often make a stop in order to see the fortress rising out of the Danube.

Trajan’s Board

Trajan’s Board (lat. Tabula Traiana) is a Latin sign dedicated to the king Trajan, carved into a rock above the Đerdap George. Only the visitors who come by boat can see it.

This board is a part of the entire array of Roman monuments on so-called Roman path, which also contains the remains of the bridge which Trajan built over the Danube.