Smederevo Fortress

This fortress is located on the large valley in the confluence of the rivers Jezav and Danube. It was raised in order to be the capital of the country and a fortified castle of despot ĐurđBrаnković, who had to return Belgrade to the Hungarian king.

It was built with great effort and represents the last creation of the Serbian military architecture. The conditions in which the works were carried out, as well as the speed, represented an additional burden to peasants. They blamed it on the Đurđ’s unpopular wife, of Greek origin, Irina, who was later remembered like „cursed Irina“.

This fortress is one of the longest in Serbia and one of the biggest in Europe, since it is 1,5 km long. It has a triangle-shaped base, and consists of the Big and the Small town. Inside the walls with 19 towers, there was a small trading town and for some time, the seat of the Patriarch who fled from the town of Peć. Despot Đurađbrought the remains of the Saint Luka from Rhodes, believing they would bring prosperity to the new town.

In the XVIII century, the Hungarian and the Turkish empire were in constant battle over the town, and the Turkish army finally let Smederevo in 1867. That is when the town was given to prince Mihailo, along with six other Serbian cities