National Park Đerdap

In the south-eastern part of Serbia, at the border with Romania, on the surface of 63.608 hectares, spreads the National Park Đerdap.

The natural phenomenon of this area is the gracious ĐerdapGorge, the longest and biggest water breakthrough in Europe. The Đerdap Gorge consists of four small gorges and three basins which keep interchanging along 100 km. The „Vortex of the Lady“ has one of the biggest river depths in the world, where the Danube is 82 m deep, and the rocks rise even 300 m above river surface.  Due to the large length and depth, different shapes, scenery and secluded habitats with specific micro climate, the Đerdap Gorge is one of the most important habitats of the rare floras and faunas in Europe. There are over 1.100 herbs in the park, and this variety also influences the wild life, so here you can see bears, lynxes, wolves, jackals, black storks and many other.

This area was declared a National Park in 1974.