The fortress of Ram

At the 21 km upstream from town of Veliko Gradište, on a hill above the Danube, stands the Ram fortress.  It was built on the ruins of the ancient and Byzantine foundations, and by the Turkish sultan Bajazit II. It was a battle fortress on the Danube. There are a few legends regarding the name of the fortress which connect it to the founders of Rome, brothers Romulus and Remus, or the fortification “Ihram“.

Close to the fortress, there are remains of the Turkish caravanserai*, which are 6 centuries old. It is the only preserved caravanserai in Serbian and we can say that it is the first tourist building raised on the most important road from the Balkans towards the north, Budim and Vienna. Not far from the fortress, you can find remains of the Roman military camp -Lederat.

*Caravanserai is the place where participants in the caravan could spend the night(processions, groups of passengers, traders) while on long travels.